About Us

This year, PinkFish Shop has decided to donate a portion of it's profits to the Preeclampsia Foundation. Preeclampsia is a serious health problem for 2 to 8% of pregnant women and accounts for 15% of premature births in the US. It can cause serious complications in both the baby and the mom. This year we would like to remember an honour Jayden Terrance Hunter and his family. Your purchases this year will help more families like his. We will give our donation at the end of December this year will announce how much we were able to raise. We appreciate your business! 


We are a party decoration business designed to fill all your party decoration needs! We offer pretty much everything from cupcake toppers, to banners, to wine and beer labels, to face decorations and more. We love custom orders, so if you are looking from something in particular that isn't offered, please reach out.