Glitter Birthday Cupcake Toppers with Face and Birthday Hat (12 count)


This listing is for 12 custom face cupcake toppers with a pink glitter, blue glitter, or red glitter birthday hat on top!

Each stick is 4" long and the faces will be about 2.5" tall and single sided. All 12 pieces come fully assembled and ready to be placed in the delicious cupcakes. The glitter is not textured. It is digital and just looks like glitter.

Please upload a photo and we will extract the face and add the hat.  We allow 1 photo per order of 12 cupcake toppers. 

Please allow 3-5 business days for production. 


1. Head on photos typically look better

2. A brighter photo looks better, but we can do some editing as well if the photo is dark

3. It is hard to remove hats completely, so if possible, try to find a photo where the person is not wearing a hat. Otherwise, some of the hat may be showing under the birthday hat.